The Government of Nepal has decided to end the corona virus lockdown. The decision will come into effect from Tuesday midnight.

With the government announcing resumption of all international and domestic flights from August 17, the Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation informed that it would let all tourism related activities including mountain climbing in the autumn season commence.

However, educational institutions will remain closed until further decision is taken. Admissions for new sessions will open on August 17.

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National Award winning Choreographer Saroj Khan Passed

Born as Nirmala Nagpal, Saroj Khan began her career by playing the young Shyama onscreen in Nazarana. She soon became a background dancer under the mentorship of dance director B. Sohanlal. After assisting as a dance choreographer for a few years, her first independent work came in Geeta Mera Naam (1974). Saroj got noticed after she choreographed for Sridevi in Mr. India’s song “Hawa Hawai” (1987). She worked with Sridevi in films like Nagina and Chandni. This was followed by her long-term partnership with Madhuri Dixit in the 1990s in songs like “Ek Do Teen”, “Hum Ko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar”, “Dhak Dhak Karne Laga”, “Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai”, and “Tamma Tamma”.

Quarantine Online dance Competition

Quarantine Online dance Competition
Individual Dance Competition through Nepali citizen
Are you Feeling bore lets start dancing
No age bar (Dancer’s of any age can participate)
Free Entry/ Registration
Any form you like you can perform
hip hop classical folk tutting bboying locking baratnatyam any form you like.

Cash prize winner rs5000/- and public choice rs 5000/-
send us your dancing video..
Shoot your single dance video of minimum 2-3 minutes
Video must be one take shot.
Dance video should be fresh original. Copyright/uploaded video will not be acceptable
Only Nepali and Cultural songs or music are allowed for video
( Hindi, English, vulgar, gender decriminalization not acceptable)
Video will be published in youtube channel Charming Entertainment
Winner will be declared by Judge panel
where as public choice will be decided by highest likes in youtube
Organizer decision will be final decision.
Dancer can use your their phone.
send you video : cenmail9@gmail.com/ rajmaharjan43@gmail.com
Fb: charming Entertainment Yt: Charming Entertainment

LuckDown yes it’s critical but yet our motive behind this compettion is to create smile and
spread hapiness in people. Lets be positive, stayhappy,stay safe and healthy.

last submission Date
baishak 13 2077 25th April 2020
winner prizes
baishak 19 2077 1st May 2020
codinator: Kajol Rai
Judge: Subhash Pradhan
Judge: Raj Maharjan

Wash your hands with soap frequently, thoroughly.
If you need to cough, cover with your elbow, not your hand.
Avoid touching your face. If you see someone else touching their face, call them out.
Separate clothes you wear outside from ones you wear at home.
When you get home, wash your hands and change clothes.
Keep clothes you wear outside separate.
Clean your mobile phones daily with a cloth soaked in Dettol water or some other sanitizer.
Wash or sanitize hands immediately after handling cash.
Elderly people are more at risk, so if you have been out and about in the past two weeks,
including coming to school, stay away from elderly relatives.
Lets Dance

lockdown first day harisiddhi janachetana tatha sarsafai abhiyan
Parcha Bardai Harisiddhi Futsalhttps://www.facebook.com/harisiddhifutsal/

Lalitpur Metropolitan city harisiddhi wada28 organized Janachetana program and sarsafai aabhiyan in association with harisiddhi futsal family.

According to Prajwol Maharjan (member of lalitpur Metropolitan city harisiddhi wada 28 ) as know this case is very critical for us. We request all of you stay you at home try not to come outside, Wash your hand legs, all body as can do. Today we gave information about being safety, and try to put chemical vaccine. we would like to thanks Harisiddhi Futsal team also for volunteering.

we would like to request you to be safe and make others safe/ stay at home.. fight against corona covid19 Thank YOu

prevention is better than care..
Click herehttps://youtu.be/TmonNbCkAAM
December 2021


Charming Fitness And Dance Studio closed from 22nd March

Charming Fitness And Dance Studio
We would like to apologize, as the advised by the Government of Nepal to temporarily close down all sports centers, gym, stadiums, cinema halls, clubs and other entertainment venues as a precautionary measure against the spreading of the unprecedented COVID-19 virus.

We will open soon

We appreciate the decision of the government for the safety of all the public….So we are Closed from march 22(chaitra 9) till Next Further Notice …Stay Safe,Take all the precautions against it..

##We Care For Yours Safety First##
you can get more information


Heros fire control at Durbarmarg

Heroes of Yesterday’s Fire Control at Durbarmarg: Buddhi Bdr. Khadka & Badri Prasad Adhikari continued their work at the top of the ladder (which was 5-6 storey tall) near the building even during multiple Gas cylinder blasts, risking their lives and still being the bravest ❤️ ? #Respect

Pic. Shree Gurung copied routine of nepal banda

December 2021
।।उसु खेलाडीलाई सम्मान तथा बिदाई ।।

।।उसु खेलाडीलाई सम्मान तथा बिदाई ।।
चार्मिङ फिट्नेश एण्ड डान्स स्टुडीयाे प्राङ्गणमा नेपाल भाेलिन्टियर उसु कमिटिकाे पहलमा ललितपुर जिल्ला उसु संघकाे संयाेजकत्वमा अाज १५अाै विश्व उसु च्याम्पियनसिपमा सहभागी हुने खेलाडीहरुलाई सम्मान तथा विदाई कार्यक्रम समापन गरियाे।

उक्त कार्यक्रममा प्रिन्ट एक्सप्रेशका प्राेप्राईटर श्री अजय महर्जन ज्युले खेलाडी तथा अफिसियलहरुलाई टि-सर्ट प्रदान गर्नु भयाे सथै हरिसिद्धि उसु क्वानका सस्थापक प्रशिक्षक श्री रामगाेपाल महर्जन ज्युले सहभागी खेलाडीहरुलाई जुत्ता प्रदान गर्नु भयाे । त्यसैगरी भक्तपुर जिल्ला उसु संघका अध्यक्ष श्री शुभराम मुनंकर्मी ज्युले भक्तपुर जिल्लाबाट सहभागी हुने खेलाडीलाई नगद रु ५०००/- ब्यक्तिगत तर्फबाट सहयाेग प्रदान गर्नु भयाे ।

उक्त कार्यक्रममा नेपाल उसु महासंघका उपाध्यक्ष श्री राजिव महर्जन तथा भाेलिन्टियर उसु कमिटिका संयाेजक श्री मन्जुर महर्जनले सम्पुर्ण खेलाडीहरुलाई शुभकामना तथा बधाई ज्ञापन गर्नु भयाे ।।

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सिन्धुपाल्चोकमा बस दुर्घटना

मृतकको संख्या १४ पुग्यो, ४० भन्दा बढी घाइते

सिन्धुपाल्चोकमा बस दुर्घटना : मृतकको संख्या १४ पुग्यो, ४० भन्दा बढी घाइते

सिन्धुपाल्चोकमा बस दुर्घटना : मृतकको संख्या १४ पुग्यो, ४० भन्दा बढी घाइते

#काभ्रे : इन्द्रावती गाउँपालिका १० मा शुक्रबार बिहान बस दुर्घटना हुँदा मृत्यु हुनेको संख्या १४ पुगेको छ। भोटसिपाबाट काठमाडौंका लागि छुटेको हेलम्बु यातायातको बा २ ख २७१५ नम्बरको बस दुर्घटना भएको हो।
सात जनाको घटनास्थलमै मृत्यु भएको हो भने अन्य सातजनाको उपचारका लागि अस्पताल लाने क्रममा र धुलिखेल अस्पतालमा उपचारका क्रममा मृत्यु भएको हो। उपचारका लागि धुलिखेल अस्पतालमा ल्याइएका अन्य ५२ जनामध्ये पाँच जनाको मृत्यु भएको जिल्ला प्रहरी कार्यालय काभ्रेका प्रमुख एसपी जयराज सापकोटाले जानकारी दिए।

बस भोटसिपाको तिखुमोडबाट करिब दुई सय मिटर तल खसेको डीएसपी माधव काफ्लेले जानकारी दिए। मृतक १४ जनाकै सनाखत भएको छ।
इन्द्रावती ९ का हिरा श्रेष्ठ, सोही स्थानका विनोद लम्साल, इन्द्रवती १० ऋदेश आचार्य, चालक काभ्रे बनेपाका केदार महाजु पाँचखालकी संगीता फुर्कोटीको घटनास्थलमै मृत्यु भएको हो।
त्यसैगरी उपचारका लागि अस्पताल लाने क्रममा ठेगाना नखुलेकी समीता श्रेष्ठ, इन्द्रावती ९ की जुनादेवी लम्साल, गणेश तामाङ, सुमित फुर्कटी, मीना मगर र सुवास अधिकारीको मृत्यु भएको हो। धुलिखेल अस्पतालले घाइते दुईजना काठमाडौं न्युरोमा रिफर गरेको छ। अन्य घाइतेको उपचार भइरहेको छ।
बसमा दसैं मनाएर घर फर्किने र घर पुगेर काममा फर्किने यात्रुको खचाखच भएकाले मृतकको संख्या अझ बढ्न सक्ने स्थानीय राजु आचार्यले जानकारी दिए।

घाइतेको उद्धारमा नेपाल प्रहरी, सशस्त्र प्रहरी, नेपाली सेना र स्थानीय खटिरहेका छन्। घाइतेको एम्बुलेन्स र हेलिकप्टरबाट उद्धार भएको इन्द्रावती गाउँपालिका १० का वडाअध्यक्ष जीवन थापामगरले जानकारी दिए !!!

विश्वकप छनोट : नेपालको 0 गोल अस्ट्रेलियाको 5

फिफा विश्वकप २०२२ र एएफसी एसियन कप २०१३ को छनोट प्रतियोगितामा घरेलु टोली अस्ट्रेलियाले नेपाललाई ५—० गोलको फराकिलो अन्तरले पराजित गरेकाे छ।

अस्ट्रेलियाको राजधानी क्यानबेरास्थित जियो रंगशालामा खेलिएको एकपक्षीय खेलमा प्रारम्भदेखि नै घरेलु टोलीले नेपाललाई दबाबमा राखेको थियो।

घरेलु टोलीका प्रशिक्षक ग्राहम आर्नोल्डले अघिल्लो दिन आयोजित पत्रकार सम्मेलनमा भने झैं खेलको सुरुदेखि नै अस्ट्रेलियाले नेपालविरुद्ध आक्रामक रणनीति अंगालेको थियो।

आफ्नो पहिलो छनोट खेलमा नेपाली टोलीविरुद्ध कुवेतले सात गोल गरेकाले पनि अस्ट्रेलिया अझ बढी गोल गर्न आतुर देखिन्थ्यो।

अस्ट्रेलियाका लागि छैटौं मिनेटमै जेमी म्याकलरेनले पहिलो गोल गरे।

त्यसअघि खेलको पहिलो मिनेटमा रञ्जित धिमालले दिएको ब्याक पासलाई गोलरक्षक किरन चेम्जोङले क्लियर गर्न खोज्दा बल रिबाउन्ड भई नेपाली टोली गोल खानबाट जोगिएको थियो।

पाँचौं मिनेटमा पनि अस्ट्रेलियन खेलाडीको प्रहारलाई नेपाली टोलीका गोलरक्षक किरणले उत्कृष्ट बचाउ गरेका थिए ।

नेपाली टोलीका स्विडिस प्रशिक्षक योहान कालिनले सुरुमा दुई प्रभावशाली खेलाडी नवयुग श्रेष्ठ र विमल घर्तीमगरलाई मैदानमा ओरालेका थिएनन्।

Nepal vs Australia

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KathmanduNepal Wushu Federation and South Asian Wushu Federation organized 3rd South Asian Wushu Judge’s Seminar 2019.Starts on 24th September and closing ceremony will be celebrated on 28th September in Mukhum international hotel Nepal.

According to organizer 30 judges candidate has been selected from Nepal. 15 taolu and 15 from sanda. Although numbers of candidates has been participating from different south Asian countries, Bangladesh , Pakistan , Sri Lanka. This seminar is conducting by Chinese master.

3rd south Asian Wushu

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